Joseph Michael Staiti

Joe and Bonnie Staiti

Began his career in 1961 working in the Office Machine Industry.  It’s when all the newness of Office Equipment was evolving.

  • 1961 - Technician and Service Manager for Hayes Office Equipment.
  • 1971 - Branch Service Manager for Olivetti in Santa Clara County.
  • 1978 - Marketing Representative for Olivetti, West Coast,
  • 1979 - Branch Manager for Olivetti, San Diego.
  • 1982 - Purchase Hayes Office Equipment.
  • 1984 - Sold Hayes Office Equipment. (Assets only, keeping name and goodwill.)
  • 1984 - Bonnie and Joe team up to rebrand and launch Hayes Office Equipment.  Joe and Bonnie grew the business from two people in one location to 50 people in three locations!  Hayes Office Equipment became #1 in the Country with over 12 million in sales per year.
  • 2000 - Sold Hayes Office Equipment to Panasonic and retired.
  • Joe owned and worked a popular Italian Restaurant in San Jose.
  • 2013 to date – Licensed Real Estate Agent in California.

Joe participated and volunteered in the following clubs and Boards;

  • President of Northern CA Office Machine Dealer Association.
  • President of San Jose Exchange Club and served on the Board for 20 years.
  • President of San Jose Country Club, (Previously House Chair and Treasurer.)
  • Board of Directors at Palmilla Community for 4 years as Treasurer and Secretary.

Joe’s first love is for his family; his wife Bonnie(Married 35 years), his three daughters Andrea, Nicole and Kimberly and his three Grandsons Eric, Dane and Chandler.

Joe's second love is golf! He also enjoys entertaining, cooking, and gardening.